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Discover Fresh Options at Our Healthy Salad Restaurants

Salata knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh foods can be tough in today’s fast-paced world. Our fast-casual salad restaurants are the perfect solution for nutritious and delicious food and beverage options.

Visit us today and choose from a variety of crisp lettuce mixes and more than 50 toppings, from tomatoes and bell peppers to more daring flavors such as spicy jalapeños and tangy feta cheese. Add in a filling lean protein such as grilled chicken, baked salmon or falafel, and finish with a drizzle of any of our signature house-made dressings.

If wraps or soups are more of your liking, you’ll be satisfied with the variety we offer every day. Our famous selection of handcrafted teas and lemonades are a healthy alternative to sodas and carbonated beverages. Top it all off with a fresh-baked cookie or sea salt caramel, and your satisfaction will be complete.

At Salata, our salads and wraps are completely customizable, and all of our nutritional information is readily available, allowing you to make decisions that satisfy your taste buds and unique dietary needs. Visit a location near you today and discover a better way to eat healthy!

 Salata is proud to participate in the Healthy Dining Program. This nationwide restaurant nutrition initiative makes it easy to find great-tasting, Healthy Dining menu choices at popular restaurants coast to coast. We invite you to log onto Healthy Dining Finder and view Salata's selection of Healthy Dining-recommended menu items.