playlists for every workout

January 29, 2020

Whether it’s part of your New Year’s resolutions to workout more or you simply need an update to your standard gym playlist, we’ve put together 5 playlists to help keep you motivated. To us, community comes first and we’re here to promote active lifestyles however you choose to get moving. You can check out our favorite workout playlists below or head to our Spotify profile to listen to these on the go. 


This playlist songs will have you running an extra lap.


These songs may not be traditional for yoga, but they are mellow enough to keep you focused.


This playlist is filled with songs that have the bounce to keep your pace up and beat last week’s time. 


This rock inspired playlist will have you feeling hardcore in the gym. Say it with us, one more set! 


No dance playlist is complete without a few songs that have dance in the title. Get moving with this upbeat list of songs. 


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