today, salad gets a fresh start

June 7, 2019

Things are looking a bit different around here lately, and we wanted to take a minute to tell you a little about why. When we opened the first Salata in 2005, we had a simple idea to serve fully customizable fresh salads and wraps with made-from-scratch ingredients in a way that was convenient for all. While that core concept hasn’t changed, we have grown a lot since our first location in the Downtown Houston tunnels.

Salata has always been driven by a passion for positive growth in our communities and the people within them, but we wanted to be sure that was reflected in everything we do. So, a few years ago we started down a path to truly define who we are and who we could be to each of you. We knew we wanted to make some changes, but we also knew we couldn’t move forward without first getting to know each of you and what drives you to grow.

Our guests have always been the most important ingredient at Salata. Through interacting with and learning from you, we recognized that we had an opportunity to not only be an inclusive advocate for healthy eating, but also put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining what healthy means to you.

There are many other salad concepts like ours out there, but when you walk into a Salata we want you to feel like you can do, be and create anything you want—because you can. If you want to load up your salad with cheeses and proteins, do it. If you’d rather stick to veggies and fruits, we’re here for it. If you don’t even want lettuce in your salad, great, who needs it? We are never going to tell you how to salad.

We believe that when we empower people to fuel the lives they want to live we all thrive together—as unique individuals and as one healthy community. This goes beyond what we serve in each of our restaurants and expands into what makes us who we are as a brand and as people.

We will strive to serve our communities by participating in food education to build the understanding that what you put into your body helps you get the most out of life. We will promote and support your active lifestyles, however you choose to stay active. We will act as an advocate for mental wellness, starting with how fresh ingredients can take you beyond physical health and continuing by supporting mental wellness organizations through donations and partnerships. And finally, we will always be there to lend a helping hand in times of need because we are truly nothing without our communities.

This is only the beginning of the promises we are making to you and of the things to come. In the coming months we will be delivering a lot of changes in our restaurants and on our website, and our most loyal guests will be seeing some pretty major rewards.

But today, salad truly gets a fresh start. Because today at Salata, salad is whatever you make it. This is your life. Your recipe. So, don’t let anyone tell you how to salad (not even us). Listen to your instincts. Trust your gut. And always live how you want. Salad how you feel.

P.S. There are some pretty big hints hidden in this blog. Comment if you think you know what they are.


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