Learn everything there is to know about our healthy dining restaurant

Do you have preset salad combinations that you recommend?
At Salata we give our guests the freedom to customize their salad to their taste buds. Our servers are happy to make salad combination recommendations but we like to keep ordering simple and give our guests the freedom of creating their own salads.

Do you ship your dressings?
All of our dressings are house-made and we only use the freshest ingredients. Since our dressings do not have any added preservatives, Salata’s dressings are not conducive to shipping.

Where can I find your nutritional and allergen information?
Visit our Nutritional Information page for more details.

I’m vegan, how can I know which dressings are safe for me to eat?
Visit our Nutritional Information page for more details about our signature dressings.

I follow a gluten free diet, what can I eat?
We are happy to accommodate to guests on special diets and have kept our gluten sensitive guests in mind when crafting our house-made recipes. To see a list of all our gluten free items visit our Allergen Information page.

Where can I find out about new restaurants in my area?
Please visit our Locations page.

How can I place a catering order?
Please visit our Catering page for more details.

My kids love eating healthy, do you offer Kids Meals?
At Salata we promote healthy lifestyles and know that kids can have a unique palate. We offer kids meals for children under the age of 10 and they can pick their toppings, dressing and protein of choice – just like you do!