Find Out How Our Salad Kitchen Chain is Making History

History of Salata

In early 2003, Berge Simonian was running a small restaurant in an office building in downtown Houston when he noticed a growing trend. More and more guests were requesting fresh, healthy salads with made-from-scratch ingredients. So the wheels started turning, the testing began, and in October of 2005, Berge, along with his brother-in-law Tony, opened the very first Salata.

Through the years we have grown across Texas and now the U.S., but the mission has stayed the same – to offer fresh, hand-cut produce, lean proteins, and homemade dressings, soups, and sauces for our guests’ custom salads and salad wraps.

We believe that if you start with the best, most simple ingredients and let them shine, your meal will always taste good!

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